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By HarlingDarling

Any old worn out socks?

Throwing useful things away is not really my style, and lovely thick ski-socks that have been mended several times and then have fallen to bits - well, they can't just be thrown out. The bit from the ankle upwards is hardly ever worn and can be edged to make a wonderful pair of ankle warmers to be used when out in the coldest weather. Cosy and no-one else knows you're wearing them, so no need for embarrassment if you are a fashion-conscious princess. (I'm not, but someone I know might be)

The worn out heel really has to find its way to the bin. One sock can be turned inside out and threaded inside the other one so that all visible surfaces are the original outside of the sock - and have no pesky loops of wool to get caught on things. The worn out toe can go the same way as the heel, or be folded in and a neat edge crocheted on, to finish it off. At this stage you have a sort of bag, with a raw edge  at the open end. It gets a bit brutal at this point.

Taking a small, sharp crochet hook you can stab it through the material and put a chain-edge around the raw bit. From that chain you can build up a few layers of crochet, ending with a row that makes holes for you to thread a drawstring through.

The red bag was made some time ago and is used to keep my mobile phone warm (and working) when it's cold outside. Read: for 6 months. ( my old iPhone stopped after literally seconds in the fresh air of winter) The blue one was finished this afternoon, once the packing was all done. It's decorated with blue cotton thread so that I can never mix it up with the red one. I intend to use it for my camera so it would be a bit awkward if I picked up the wrong one... (I love the word "awkward" it looks like it is, and it's wonderful said with my friend's American accent. One of my favourite Swedish words is the word for "nothing", ingenting. inn-genn-ting. It sounds a bit oriental. Language is such fun.)

So Sharon (and anyone else) I hope you now feel you know how to take a pair of worn out socks and make them into a little bag for something or other. This is the way creativity hits me sometimes, a bit silly but also adding delight to a simple thing like taking your phone out. I'm posting early as we have a date with a French comedy film this evening. C'est la Vie. (true enough, but also the name of the film!) I'm having a day off politics.

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