Wire And Pole

Still feeling rubbish - awoke at 3 a.m. absolutely starving as I have been living on water and a couple of slices of bread for the previous three days. The flow seems to have stemmed so to speak.

Had to wind my trouser belt in a bit - which would have been helpful last week when I was squeezing into the gaps alongside my shed!

I have managed a bowl of soup for lunch today - with a couple of slices of bread. Hopefully on the road to recovery. I didn’t make our usual trip to meet daughter and granddaughters - didn’t want to pass anything on, although it is highly likely I got it from the little blighters last week as they had been poorly!

Anyway - managed a decent walk in the woods again. I spotted a rotting pole with barbed wire around it which the sunlight was just catching. Stopped to photograph it and then noticed another and another - oh heck, which one to blip?? So you have a triptych - slightly unconventional in that they are three landscape format shots. So.  many ways to fix barbed wire to a pole

My banker shot is in extras (taken on the way to the post office)…a ‘sculpture’ in the ‘Senior Citizens Garden’ in the village. Not sure of the significance of the horse shoes but I thought it made quite a nice picture.

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