A late in the day gift

The main was an absolute given, like a slice of heaven arriving in our laps. there one moment and gone the next. It's all about being alert to the swift changes in the mountain weather - even from the cosy warm apartment!

The extra is more like real life on the ski trails, and it's an irresistible delight for the senses. I was a rather wary skier today and only went out for an hour, I didn't want any pressure on my hip joint which is more relaxed than it's been in many years - and is a bit unstable and keeps reminding me it's in a process. So we took it very calmly. That means no wild climbing thank you very much! It is so beautiful that even an hour can result in a heap of excellent images....

Keith went out again, and did hard man things, so everyone gets what they want. I prepared the pudding for the dinner (ladies' night this evening) and did some sticking and cutting. Everyone gets a decorated matchbox, painting done here in Vemdalen. and this year everyone gets an origami star, also painted here. These traditions change a bit from time to time, and evolve. This year we women have a new one - pink prosecco in the sauna! That's a keeper!

So, we have been having a wonderfully relaxed time, full of conversation and sharing - and really good food. Dinner this evening is something with prawns to start, baked cod fillets for main course and then what i hope will be a majestic pudding (waffle berry pudding) as taught to me by Monika, my german baking friend. She learnt it at a.... Tupperware party! What do you say about raspberries and white chocolate, broken up waffles and a gorgeous set eggy, creamy filling to hold it all together?

Not a lot of time for commenting, but I am keeping up with my daily yoga practice, and the somatic exercises. It's a bit of a health retreat! Happy Saturday to you all. I wish I could bring everyone here to smell the freezing air and taste the pudding.

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