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Silly Saturday

Well it definitely started as a "Silly Saturday" for me, spotted about 20 (yes 20) magpies perched in a nearby tree, so I grabbed the camera locked on my 70-300mm lens. Had to focus at its maximum as they were still a bit of a way away, took three or four shots and put the camera away again. I then had breakfast and a cup or two of coffee and about an hour after taking the photos I decided to go out to grab todays blip before the rains started. It was then that I realised that I had made a schoolboy error when taking the earlier photos....
……. I hadn't  replaced the memory card after downloading yesterdays photos. Dooh!!!
 But that wasn't it. Once I was ready to leave I looked to the window to see that it was raining, so grabbed a shot for todays blip. The rain was only a short shower and once over I set off. Took a few shots of some sparrows round the corner and it was then I remembered that I hadn't formatted the card that already had two days photos on, oh well just makes downloading todays photos a little trickier.

Here in the UK this weekend is the Great British Bird Count, so most of the extras will be birds. After a rough count since starting blipping on 1st January I have photographed about 20 different types of birds, and I'm not a bird watcher.
Todays extra can be found on my blog at

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