All part of the story

By Treshnish

A different sea

Flat calm today.   What a different sea, what a different day.  It was softly sunny first thing and raining by midday.   

The Cheviot flock are out on the Point at the moment.   He feeds them with the snacker in a big long line. It means you don't need troughs and you can feed in a different place each day and minimise 'poaching' the ground.  There is a flock of gulls and doves who follow the snacker, but it was interesting that the drone kept them away this morning.  (bottom left)

The area they are feeding in used to grow arable crops, in the days (1950's) when there were 6 men working on the farm.   S 'tops' it in late summer which is why you can see the tracks. 

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