By deanna_pearce


This may be the typical shepherds morning sunrise as we are forecast to have  heavy snow latter.  This sight greeted when when the blinds opened and although it was very cold and frosty I ventured out to take it.   It was stunning   Not done much today KG drove me down to Thornbury and I got a cards for my brother's birthday and my daughters.  Did some odds and ends of sewing and  now settled at the computer.
Thanks for all the hearts and stars for yesterday's special blip and for putting it on page one of the populars.  I started blipping in 2015 having been challenged by Amanda  - I didn't realise how quickly I would get addicted and it became part of the day to take a photo - some days you have too many and others days you struggle.  My first blip was on New Years day but then I went away for three weeks and didn't do any blipping so I restarted when I came back and apart from that I have only missed one day.  I very much enjoy reading all your journals  and sharing your highs and lows.  Thanks to the Fab Four who saved blip 
Been a very cold morning but now the  afternoon is misty but warmer - snow if forecast but I hope we don't get it. 

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