The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Anniversary flowers

We set off for hone around 8am. Part way down the A1 we helped to rescue an elderly guy who had crashed his car into one off the roundabouts near Dunbar. He had literally missed the turn and ploughed straight into the reflective barrier/bars, knocking some of them over completely. He and his dog were okay. His car, however, was a complete write off. We left him in the care of his daughter and the police, both of which arrived about the same time.

We had a quick cuppa when we arrive home then headed straight back out to see my Nana and Granda. They are both fairly well and my nanas treatment has gone according to plan, although she says her ‘zapping’ has been a little painful. I blip some anniversary flowers they got us.

Our final outing of the day was birthday bowling with our nephew. When he visited us last summer, we realised how much he loved bowling. We decided to book a surprise trip for eight of us, and did not tell him until he came home from school. He loved the surprise (and his cake).

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