Never miss a moment

By LifesJourney

Had plans after lunch to go visit a friend from work off on maternity leave but first I headed out to the forest for some snowy pics. The roads were pretty good just one point where the wheels were turning but the car wasn’t moving until I remembered to move from auto to 1st gear and then I was up and running again. After that I decided I was better off staying in one place so headed to the woods and fed the birds. Took Woody a while to appear but he did in the end sharing the table with the blue tits.

After lunch headed to my friend for cuddles with the baby and non stop energy from a two year old. Forget those times now my baby’s all grown up. Or has she...Whilst I’m trying to juggle the baby and entertain a two year so my friend could run to school in the now freshly falling snow Georgia calls in a tis having lost her gloves at school... her favourite for messing around in the snow!! Always need your mum :))

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