Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Silly snow!

We did finally get a little snow last night ........ not a lot thankfully!

Top photo ....... noticed it was snowing late yesterday evening (11pm) ..... so grabbed the camera & took this through the bedroom window ....... I used a 1 second shutter setting to create snow trails ..... I rather liked the effect .... hope you do too :-)

Bottom photo ...... I think I must be safe at the moment ..... it would appear the 'Road to Hell' is closed! Spotted this out of the window & just had to take a photo of it .... thought it was a rather silly  to put a 'road ahead closed' sign laid down on the grass! For Silly Saturday .... thanks as always to Admirer for hosting :-)

Hope all of you that have snow are keeping warm & safe ...... especially those in the Mid West USA!

Hope you are all having a Tigger-tastic weekend :-)

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