But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Donald Tusk's Moustache.

Shopping today was followed by the usual lunch though Mrs TD had poached egg on toast rather than here normal Cullen skink. The café staff usually travel to work by bus and so there is a plentiful supply of Metros to read; however, we had to slum it and do two day old puzzles. Surprisingly, we appear to be the only members of the clientele who stoop to such lowly pastimes as, apart from a failed pencilled attempt at the difficult sudoku, the puzzle pages were in a virginal condition.
The front page of mine wasn’t so pristine as Donald Tusk had been given a moustache. A more adventurous individual would have decorated that nice Theresa May with a full set, spectacles, and maybe, even pointy ears,

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