All part of the story

By Treshnish

A good bog

Sorry - Another blip swop.  This was a good sign I thought, and not even 8pm - so I headed off to Croig hoping to catch some aurora light on the water, but it had completely faded by the time I got there! 

Coming from a mixed arable farm to a boggy hill farm, we had to learn to love peat bogs.   And I do love them now. One of our first guests 24 years ago was an ecologist specialising in peat bogs.  She said we had some of the best bogs she had ever seen.   

I love their bright and rich colours, the softness underfoot, the rounded humps of mosses and spiny grey lichens. And I love how they feel in winter when they are frozen, walking on a crust over sponge.  

The birch trees are regenerating out across this bog, they obviously don't mind getting their feet wet.

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