Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Super Bowl LIII (but not as you know it!)

Couldn't resist my topical title for today's blip, especially as the TV is on and yesterday's (most boring) Super Bowl is being discussed!

We had more rain forecast today, but nothing happened. G finished earlier, so we went over to Festival City to do the shop and also for me to pop into Volvo. I'm glad I did that because several hours later, the service advisor got in touch with some solutions.

Nice to meet up with some of our "Old Friends" group this evening. We chose Chapters and Skafor on the Creek. Great catch up as always and this bowl caused a lot of laughter. There were four young girls in it, happily jumping around. They actually gave us ten minutes to have a go ourselves get this picture! I had a go in it in November and struggled a bit, but even sitting on the edge is a challenge!

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