By dogwithnobrain

Baby Take off Your Coat

So today my third fascinator arrived. 

The first was killed by the cats - the feather were too lovely. 

The second was worn, and very much admired by everyone. 

The third.  Look at it. Is a beauty. 

It came all the way from China and cost me £3.00.    

It was so beautiful, and went with my outfit today, I thought I would wear it all day. 

There was a chap in for an interview; the look on his face when he came round the corner and saw me was a picture. 

I said to the chap interviewing him; "please let him know I don't normally wear hats".   (i was also wearing it pinned to my fringe);  my colleague turned to him and said "she does; and that's not all she does. 

There's no chance of him wanting the job now. 

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