Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

From a moving car...

Thank you to G for taking this picture as I was driving.

The days and weeks are just flying! The new cleaner came and I asked if he had heard anything from Nara (our old cleaner) as to when he might be returning from his vacation. He said they had spoken two weeks ago and I understand that it might not be too long now that life can return completely back to normal.

Thursday means Awana, so we headed South. The light was just perfect and it was so clear. I wish we could have driven around just taking pictures.

Awana went well. The kids seem to be settling and fast learning their boundaries, which is making life easier for everyone! We had intended to get a light bite to eat preferably near the sea, but we just drove straight home and ordered a takeaway. The weekend has started, and it's going to be a really busy one.

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