Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Erik, apparently.

At some point when I wasn't paying attention, today's weather became Storm Erik, and jolly gusty it was too. This was taken from my window shortly after I returned from a visit to my dentist, whose surgery is further along Dunoon's East Bay, beyond the large building that sits behind the garage lights and which houses the Education Offices. I took care not to leave my car on the shore side of the road, so it wasn't deluged with sea, but opening the driver's door put me in danger of losing it altogether.

Apart from that and a brief foray to the shops, I've not been out. I feel grumpy and irritable from lack of exercise, though I have had a long chat with a musician pal on the phone and I've made a large tray of oven-roasted vegetables to freeze for another time. I should feel a glow of something ...

But I don't. At least my teeth are ok. 

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