Hint of Transcendence

The absolute only photo I took today, this morning, after the fog cleared, when everything was very damp. "Beauty is the term we apply to these hints of transcendence, these perceptions that there is more going on here than we can account for."  (from As Kingfishers Catch Fire, by Eugene Peterson)

Julia and I have been to Reguengos to buy supplies for a meal tomorrow, we have four young folk from Évora Uni coming for lunch. She's making a cheesecake as I Blip, and then I'll start frying the chicken for peanut butter chicken. Mike has finished laying the drains in the bathroom, and laid the sub floor.  

- the sun emerging to replenish our electricity 
- my s-i-l asking me to help with his sermon; love feeling useful
- Julia finding enough wild asparagus to make a starter tomorrow

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