By Bella888

New bright budget baby and almond butter

OK, so I did the deal. It was either change after 3 years, as is my want. Or run the one we have into the ground.

Same as current car, minor enhancements front and back. But with a big difference TOMATO RED, instead of blue (which was never ‘me’ - but a £500 saving at the time).

Salesman said this ‘orangey red’ is a marmite colour. I can imagine. Although I can’t abide marmite, but love this shade of red. Collect in 2 weeks. Will sadly spend most of its life in the garage :(

Damp and drizzly out by the look of things. Been checking out recipes for almond butter, and also found one for courgette hummus which I shall definitely make.

Tomorrow, when I meet friends in the Triangle, will pop into the organic shop and mooch round for more inspiration. Today will see the end of my animal cheese. Then perhaps I’m set to go vegan (just need to read ingredients on some my packaged foods - animals hide in many unlikely products - even the NHS prescription Vitamin D pills are gelatine covered - I wonder if the NHS will prescribe vegan versions???).

Mr B is not happy at all. Well he’s put up with my vegetarianism for 25 years, so tough!

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