By wws1968

Enough To Make You Vegan.....

Sunday is a great day for hunting down dereliction as there tends to be less security on sites and access is easy. Myself and Kyle had done a bit of research on this site which is a former abattoir which has been closed since 2005 and was one of the largest in the central belt of Scotland processing half a million animals a year.

Access onto the site was simple, literally parked the car and walked straight in…no security on this one at all making it easy for future visits. Sadly the usual wire theft,metal stripping and arson has taken place and whilst we had a look up on the second floors we felt it was particularly unsafe in places so decided to not take any risks and stay on the ground floors.

I’ve put a few extras up as well but took over 300 shots in total but I want to return with some site lighting to illuminate the main processing areas which were pitch black and I mean totally pitch black, headlamps were hardly penetrating the darkness and it was pretty spooky in there.

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