Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Divided by a rainbow

A rainbow over Dunoon at midday today lasted long enough for me to experiment with my camera instead of snapping with my phone so no, this is not exactly the way the sky looked. It's more intense. But the thing I find most interesting, as I did at the time, is the fact that the sky colour above the rainbow - outside it, if you like - is darker than that within its arc. If anyone cares to tell me why, that'll be something else to add to the ragbag of my mind ...

In other news, an interesting and rather heartening moment at church not long before this photo was taken. As there is no choir nowadays, no-one is actually accustomed to say the congregational parts of the liturgy in any kind of disciplined manner, and it's not unusual, especially during an interregnum when different people are leading services from Sunday to Sunday, for the congregation to be fairly random when it comes to keeping pace with the celebrant or leader. Today, however, the final prayer after communion was a miracle of unanimity, with not one voice deviating. The result was strong, powerful and surprisingly moving. 

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