By wws1968

Gates Rubber Factory-Dumfries

Was working in the Dumfries area today and decided to have a little scouting mission on the old disused Gates rubber plant in the area, where they used to make wellington boots, carpet underlay and rubber cam belts. I'll tag this for this weeks mono Monday challenge but I'm afraid I can't come up with a link to the theme of "Pinch", apart from the fact the metal fairies have been in here and pinched all thats got a scrap value.

Although security was in place and there was a cabin which was open there was no sign of the guard so decided to have a wander in the name of blip. The site is huge and I’ll definitely be back with tripod for some internal shots of the buildings. 

As I got back to the car there was a security guy standing at the outside gate where I had parked my car, just looking at my car. I’ll need to be back here when I have more time to explore.

The only rubber song I could think of :)

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