The Subtleties of White

Today I was up on the veranda roof at The Red House. It took me an hour to dig my way up to The Red House, then I went through the house to the veranda to see how it looked. It didn't look good! The wooden beams supporting the roof were actually bending under the weight of the snow.
So, up onto the roof where the snow varied from 0.5 and 1.25 metre deep. I took a few pictures before starting and this was one of them, showing the far end of the house roof, where it meets the end of the veranda roof.  (The extra shows a little more of the surrounding landscape making it easier to see what is what.)
I was fascinated by the fact that the snow is the same white everywhere in the picture so the only difference is in the light levels and shades of grey.
It also struck me that this is a photograph showing only water, so this is one of my entries to the latest Blipfoto community challenge!

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