By Bradders

Swanning about on Swan River

So while I almost forgot my photo yesterday I took this photo before 6:30am.

I woke up at 4:50am, which was surprisingly easy (maybe my body clock is still confused from the time zones). Caught two busses over to the university boat house for my first meeting with the UWAOC. Chill bunch, don't talk too much, but they have a passion for adventure sports so I'm sold.

We kayaked maybe 2 hours after viewing the awesome sunrise. It was so calm. And a little too warm in the sun! I need to keep practicing with my kayaking muscles, they felt exactly like I had gone 6 months without using them.

After the kayaking I got back and made a hearty breakfast at about 9:30am well before some of the others in the hostel were waking up. After that it was more yoga on the lawn, yoga definitely feels like it is helping, but kayaking might not be best for my back :////

For the rest of today, it's time to chill before maybe bouldering again later today if I feel my back is up to it.

I'll do some more emailing/job applications today too gotta do something towards the job hunt.

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