Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Love Inn

Popped down town this afternoon to get some pictures printed for the upcoming competition at the Photo Club. On the way down I pass the bar of the Balmoral Hotel, quaintly described as an Inn. I'm afraid it's generally thought to be (allegedly) a rather scruffy hotel with a boozer attached, but at least they've made an effort for Valentine's Day!

We used to have a 'print' option for all of our Club competitions, but over the years fewer members want to produce prints - not only is it quite expensive to print and mount the pictures, but what do you do with them after the competition? 

So we're just down to one per season, with sections for both colour and monochrome, the latter being not only black and white, but any one colour, sepia for example. I'm afraid I take the easy option and print them on the machine in Boots, as the result is pretty good and it's not that expensive. So I did 8 of each, which is the maximum in any one class. 

I also got waylaid by two people who'd seen the article on litter in the Oban Times last week. One lady, who is a near neighbour, suggested that it would be good to get the youngsters with learning difficulties involved with our Oban Spring Clean on the last weekend of March. She suggested that we enlist the help of a 'superhero' around whom a comic strip could be written. So if there's any one in the area who sees their destiny to be a 'superhero', please get in touch!

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