George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry


Finally ... THEY did go out for a special occasion of some sort, and of course I didn't go, but surprisingly they did come back early and did take me to the small park which is alongside the big park, where I can run around off my lead. 

Yesterday she did take me down there too, but her phone did ring and I don't know what went on, but she said phtooey I forgot all about that (actually she didn't say phtooey, she said something beginning with s and ending with t, and I did cover my ears); and we bundled back to the car and went for a very long drive to collect something which - even to my doggy nose - smelt very bad, and my walk was therefore cancelled. 

Oh, where was I?  Yes, I did meet two very nice golden retrievers at the small park and we did have the bestest time running around together.  They did think they could out-run me but they couldn't because I can go like the clappers when I want to. 

And the next best thing is that there is a doggy drink fountain, so if I get thirsty which I almost always do, I can have a drink.

How about that!  My life has definitely taken a turn for the better.  And I slept very well, too.

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