By wws1968

Has The Dog Been Fed?

My entry for silly Saturday....It's my job to feed the dogs so I must not forget or else this is what will happen!

My plans for a visit to a derelict hospital this weekend have been scuppered, I went for a scouting mission yesterday afternoon and managed to get access onto the site and just as I was heading for the main building I heard a loud buzzing approaching from above, a bloody drone!!

It stopped literally ten feet in front of me for about four seconds then disappeared at speed, that was the cue to get back through the broken fence where a security guard, drone in hand approached me. 

After a pleasant conversation where I explained I had just been looking for some derelict photography he advised the site was now under development and security had been ramped up to protect the thousands of pounds worth of building materials on site. He then proceeded to give me a demonstration of the drone taking some great arial footage and photos, a lovely guy and never came across as threatening or intimidating in the slightest. Never mind I have another site in mind for Sunday.

Thanks to Admirer for hosting :)

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