By Bella888

Soldier who invented Bournemouth, and man on lav

Well there is nothing silly about the title*

(*CORRECTION TITLE AMENDED - late news: it is super silly, The soldier was Lewis Tregonwell. He appointed a Mr Creek as the city’s first surveryor - you can just make him out on the reverse and he is sitting on a toilet - anyone know why? Only discovered this researching an reply for fellow blipper ‘Majoayee’. You can see the sculpture’s ‘backside’ in the link I sent her).

But what is, is that I’ve only just noticed this somewhat bizarre statue outside the BIC*, honouring Lewis Tregonwell. And doubt if they used buckets and spades in those days?

About Lewis Tregonwell:

And more on Bournemouth:

NB This sculpture reminded me my post from a few weeks ago:, and sure enough it is by the same local sculptor Jonathan Sells.

*BIC = Bournemouth International Centre. Hosts political and other conferences, light entertainment, a winter ice skating ring etc. And in my view it is a hideous carbuncle overlooking the sea and obliterating views to die for.

Cloudy but mild today x

Update: Had lovely birthday party to go to this evening. Mr B has onset of cold, returned sniffling from tennis. Took temperature 4x in an hour, but luckily fine for the moment. But had to cancel tonight. Typical :(

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