Tai chi

We've finished day one of the two day tai chi refresher course, and it has tired me out already!! We practise the same tiny little section of the programme until we know it well, which is an excellent way of learning - but also quite hard work on the same muscles for quite a while. my hip whined on a bit, so I spent time making notes and watching Ulf, our lovely teacher. He's 77 and I want to be like he is!

14 people are doing the course this time, which is nearly a full complement of the people who usually come, Keith is the only man apart from Ulf, interestingly enough. Some of the women have been training since the 80s, which is impressive in itself, even more so when you realise many of them are in their 70s and 80s and they don't need to sit down like I did!

The blip is the things in my cosy space after lunch where I lay down and rested mind and body for half an hour. Lovely and refreshing after a bit of a mixed night of sleep and not sleep! We watched the film "Roma" last night and it stirred up a lot of things, which then filled my mind when I should have been going to sleep. I really must learn not to do this sort of thing, 2 hours of stimulus before bedtime.

Now we are home with Rusty and Claire and we are going to have roasted aubergines for tea, and a G&T is currently going down nicely. Commenting will be sparse till we're home again tomorrow. Happy Sunday people, I know what I'll be doing for most of the day, hope your day will be as rewarding.

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