Romantic hideaway

Oban's new Premier Inn will be open for booking on 28th February, so the website says, and they're still insisting that it's only 0.2 miles from McCraig's (sic) Tower, though 0.6 miles from the closer distillery!

It may not be open for business yet, but all the tables are set for dinner, looking out on to the shabbiness of Shore Street. The luckiest diners get a view of the salt bin, and all those by the roadside window will have a lovely view of a patch of ground at the back of the post office across the road, full of junk and rubbish!  Oh how cynical can I be! Well at least I won't have to stay there! 

It might have been good to have space for the odd tree, but I don't think there are any trees at all on the whole of this piece of reclaimed land where the station and ferry terminal now sits. And I notice that someone has already knocked the lamp post over - and it wasn't me!

OK, I promise to upload a beautiful picture tomorrow!

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