Last of the Sun and it is ...Still Hot

Back Blip from Akaroa

When I arrived in Akaroa around lunch time it was already 34c. Hour later a breeze come up and it cooled to 30c. By late afternoon it was back to 34c again. The garden was so dry and plants were looking rather welted. 

The neighbour next door is having a new deck area and fence put up around her pool.. sure was noisy. Plus there is a new house going up just below me and each had efferent music playing and with the banging I was wished I wasn't here! I heard a building next door ask to my neighbour.. why is it so hot here when down in the Village it was much cooler?. We are in a hollow in the a valley and to seems to trap the heat. By 3pm all building work stopped... I think it got too hot for them! Peace a last!

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