Kirsty's day!

By Mummyof2

Out out!

Managed to escape the children and hubster and headed into the big smoke to meet up with my school friend. She and I have been friends since secondary school and after a small (14years ) blip we are back on track and it’s as though nothing happened.

We met at Oxford Circus and went for a wander to find brunch. The place I had found didn’t open til noon so we kept walking and found this lovely gastro place. The food was fabby. I had hot smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. It was heavenly. the eggs were just how I liked them- perfectly cooked.
We chatted about all manner of things, putting our little worlds to rights.
Then when we had finished we walked back to Oxford Circus and headed in our own directions.
I had a good mooch making my way to a hotel where I was meeting Jay.
I popped into lots of different shops including the Disney shop and saw this “little”mug which is a normal sized mug but a small in our house!
Walked from Oxford Circus to Lancaster Gate. It was good to walk.
Home now and have had dinner cooked by Large and Small.

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