Just one photo

I got up just after 6 as I had been horizontal for so many hours, and the coughing was beginning in earnest. I slept pretty well, considering the booming of the metal roof during the very windy night. Grateful for that, I got out of bed and staggered downstairs. It really is amazing how rubbish you can feel with a simple cold!

I got going gradually, took some medicine to help the headache to fade and set to on my artcard. The blip is yesterday's as I preferred it to the one I did today. I wasn't feeling all that inspired and it makes me hesitant and unsure of my choices.

I have tidied the front room up now that the stove won't be arriving in the next day or two. It was obvious that I had a lot more energy that the day before when just thinking about that would have made me sob with exhaustion. I am a bit of a princess, it runs in the Harling family I'm afraid - the down side of feeling everything that happens in your body.

We both decided against the film studio this evening as Keith is now - inevitably -  developing the lurgy. Poor man. He got his plumber's badge yesterday and got his "tidying up after doing the work" badge this afternoon, a total hero. I cleaned the remaining windows indoors, using the machine that takes all the work out of it. Felt tired after that, so probably overdid it a tad. (you don't know till you try)

I'm going to make some soup to go with the bread rolls Rose brought with her. She wanted to give Keith his birthday presents and flowers - but sensibly didn't eat or drink with us, or come into the house either! The rolls were an additional extra, very welcome - she's a really good cook!

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