Domestic stuff, a bit of admin., yoga, renegotiated our phone and broadband contract (what a faff...) and, wonder of wonders, turned out the big cupboard at the end of the hall. My mother would have called it a "glory hole", but there was nothing at all glorious about it - a storage cupboard for all those things that have no logical 'home' elsewhere. It was a mess, and impossible difficult to find anything!  Now it's much tidier, with small items sorted in to storage boxes, and I know exactly what's in there! Hooray!

Since Jake went home, almost a fortnight ago, work on the living room has ground to a halt, mainly because MrM needs to concentrate on the day job. But this evening we started on the next stage - the ceiling. We decided against attempting to remove the paper and its layers of gloss paint for fear of the ceiling coming down with it (besides which, we can both remember the horrors of papering a ceiling in our previous abode). Instead, we're covering it with tongue and groove cladding. The plan is to do a little each evening - it will take a while...

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