a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Spring Sunshine

Flower Friday: Spring Sunshine

That first day back from holiday brings with it all the usual chores, including the need to edit the many photos that I took while in Prague.  It has been an enjoyable process revisiting the photos from last week - we really were very lucky with the weather I belatedly now realise.  I've also reluctantly come to the conclusion that I am (at least for the time being) going to fork out for Flickr membership - I have not been uploading any new photos since they announced their changes back in October, and on reflection I kind of miss it.

My new reading specs have arrived so at some stage I will have to sort out a selfie of the new studious looking me :-)

The other thing that happened today is that my mobile phone provider (Virgin Media) emailed me to tell me that they would be charging me 33% more for my phone contract (which was only entered into at the end of January).  In return for this increase, which they are labelling an RPI increase (the retail prices index is a UK government compiled inflation index), I would get an extra 3G of data each month.  As I don't get anywhere near using the data that is in my existing plan this didn't seem like much of an improvement from my perspective.  I tried my best to be polite but the poor chap at the other end of the phone at Virgin Media must have been pleased once the call was over.  We've compromised.  I have reduced the data in my package to still more than I actually use each month and they have kept the price the same.  They've also promised to pass on my complaints to their management team.  (rant over).

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