By Teasel


To run or not to run - that was the question.  I was weary, but after a few chores, I dragged myself out for another five miles – a very slow five miles.  TT took BB to football, and he went for a  run before the match started.  BB came home happy, as they won. 

After lunch we went out for a walk, TT suggested a river walk and we set off in that general direction, however I ended up taking them on one of my running routes, which was a big detour on the expected route, though it did incorporate a different part of the river, and then re-joined the river in town and continued walking round, with the added bonus of spotting a kingfisher perched on a branch on the opposite bank. We watched him for a  while, before he flew upstream.  By the time we got home, both TT and I were feeling very weary – my legs were tired, the cumulative effect of a week with lots of walking with a few runs thrown in for good measure.

I directed the making of tea, having prepared it earlier. Later we watched Baptiste, though I dozed off in the middle and woke up at the end just in time to explain something to TT who had missed the start.  Early nights all round.

It’s not the best picture, but here is the kingfisher.

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