The last ones

I was astonished, that there are still some sunflower seeds in the old sunflowers. The most of the field is cut down now, waiting for a new begin in spring....
Thank you wrperry for hosting Tiny Tuesday :-)

On Sunday I suddenly noticed, that next weekend will be the main carnival weekend and traditionally I do some fancy dressing with T.
It was much too late for an own creation, so I asked her, what she wanted to be. She choose "Batman". So I spent some hours in the internet to find a costume for her and me (The Joker, a character I don't like at all, but he's the counterpart of Batman). 
The next morning, I asked her to confirm her choice, but now she wanted to be "Darth Vader". Blimey! It's not easy to find such a costume in her size, available until the weekend and not much too expensive. I missed the deadline for the shipping for the next day and asked T. to confirm her choice, when she came home after work.
But now she wanted to be a medieval princess. Arg! I thought, that is much better than "Darth Vader", so we spent some hours in the internet to find a dress and a cape for her. Remember: right size, available and not too expensive...and red! I didn't asked her again to confirm, I just ordered the costumes. Delivering promised until Thursday, payed with Paypal. Ready. Until Tuesday noon, when I received a mail from the store that, sorry, there was a mistake and all the clothes were not available and they had to cancel the order. Guess what? Yes, I spent the rest of the day to find a red medieval dress in size M, available until the weekend, not too expensive, and a cape and a costume for me.
Finally I had to pay the cost of an express shipping to get the stuff in time. We'll see...
The weather forcast for the weekend is bad, perhaps we have to cancel the moving on Sunday in Ueberau....
I really love carnival... haha... not really...a little bit...we'll see...obviously I'm crazy enough for "Fasching"....

And, oh, no time for commenting your lovely journals, as always.
Thank you for still visiting me, I really appreciate every comment, heart and star!

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