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Day 27 Market day

Actually it was more 'the day we went to market'. I set off with six other intrepid explorers from the hotel today into Trivandrum town. Two English couples, (one of which was of Indian origin), a German couple and me . We took the bus which, as I had discovered a few years ago, costs 18 rupees each as opposed to an auto or taxi which costs around 800.
The bus is an experience in itself, the seats for two are only wide enough for one and a half so you get to know your neighbour well. The windows are unglazed, in fact very similar to the bus I blipped yesterday. The bus fills up with people standing as well as sitting and goes round corners on two wheels or that is what it feels like .. rotten suspension too.
We went to East Fort in Trivandrum - it was a garrison town so lots of areas have military names - and walked into the local market. First stop a coffee for 12 rupees each. Eat your heart out Costa!
We then wandered around the shops being greeted with smiles all the way. I bought some rose oil and some sandalwood oil, which I love. The collage shows some of the lovely... and not so lovely.... things available, there seems to be a common colour theme to them too. Paper fans, chillis, flowers and garlands, peacock feathers....... and brightly coloured leggings for well developed bottoms!!!
We had lunch in the Indian Coffee House which is an extraordinary building, it's a cylindrical tower built with a spiral ramp up the inside, there are seating booths all the way up and the walls are punctuated with windows so it is very airy. It's a local attraction and the food is very good too. Five of us had lunch including soft drinks and the bill was under 400 rupees or £4. Can't complain about that.
Back to Kovalam on the bus, I got off at the top of the hill to walk down and build up some steps, gosh it was hot, around 35'. I went straight into the pool when I got back
This evening, I did some final shopping, I have plenty of weight allowance, space is the issue. A walk along the sea front then back home to relax.
14,300 steps, so 1/1 and I've managed 89 miles of walking in February so very pleased with that.
Coffee house link below is worth a look. Please note it does have washrooms but these are described as bad! :-)

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