Sarah is leaving :(

Today one of my colleagues Sarah, left for pastures new. Lucky Sarah will be working as a gymnastics coach; which is her passion, so at last she will be rewarded financially for all her hard work and dedication to the sport. Congratulations Sarah, you have made the right decision! Here she celebrates with a beautiful cake, as always made by Lorraine, which we all shared. It was a good as it looks!

It feels like I've worked with Sarah for far longer than just 9 months. She has been a pleasure to get to know, and has got on with everyone. We are going to miss her in lots of ways, not the least in her ability to fly through mountains of work. She is going to miss us a little bit too!

A few of us took a walk to The Playhouse, by the river, a short 5 minutes from the office. There we had tea, coffee and chat. Something we really don't do often enough away from our desks.

All too soon we were back for the afternoon's work, and I left at 5.

This evening I've been gathering together bits as I'll be going straight to Cambridge after work, where I will pick up Mollie and Josh. They have a long coach trip from Manchester, but it was the cheapest mode of transport to get them down with us. They have to be back in Cambridge for 9am Sunday morning, so it is going to be a short trip. The reason for the gathering to to celebrate my nephew's 18th birthday, but that won't be until later on Saturday, so we can enjoy their company before we go to Manda's. Perhaps a wander around Hoddesdon?

So looking forward to a family weekend.

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