Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Finally, sledging!

The minus degrees meant that sledging was possible, even necessary.... and it was FAST! Isaac was bold and went intot he bushes a lot faster than e thought he would. Eleanore srated lower down the slope and also found  her way into the bushes. Brakes? No such thing on that hard, shiny surface. 

They seemed delighted to be out in the chillier air, and went on to build an igloo-ish structure. Admittedly without a roof, that was a bit hard to achieve without the right technological skill set.

I am making cauliflower cheese and oven chips for tea, plus a fabulous pudding I made up out of what we had. It includes peaches grown round the corner, and strawberries and almond paste and some sort of eggy, creamy topping. Should be good, it's full of good things!

I slept from about 9 last night till 7 this morning, it was needed it seems. I'm just as tired this evening, which is not what my usual days look like. This virus has been a total pain, I'm just glad I was fit enough to entertain the visitors a bit! Keith is still a bit wobbly, and coughing...

Grateful for the following today::
The little grey car starting after several months of going nowhere 
Lots of time to discuss and connect with Isaac and Eleanor
The prospect of book-binding all day tomorrow!

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