Mono Monday converse

When I lived in a previous house, it was a cottage originally built for farm workers on The Whitbread Estate. There was no front door at the time, you gained access "round the back" and the story goes that old Mrs Whitbread didn't want to drive past one of her house and see women gossiping on the doorstep.

So, whenever I stand "conversing" on my current doorstep as I did today, I always think of that. Today's blip has come via the house security camera. You can't see me I am standing inside out of the wind!

In extras, just to prove I did go out today was my street photography shot of a woman conversing in a thoroughly modern way, walking and talking on her mobile. But it's a bit blurred, so it's been relegated to the extras.

Thank you to everyone who has entered the mono monday challenge, I shall be looking at them all later.

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