By Squatbetty

Odd day

I was meant be back at work today but ended up having to go to the doctor's. Couldn't get in until late afternoon and the appointment was with a locum so I spent the whole day feeling anxious and unsettled. Came away from the appointment feeling just as anxious and unsettled. I've got to go for further tests and have a prescription for diazepam to take when I go for them. That was just about the only reassurance and comfort I received from the visit.

Started reading Village School in the morning to take my mind off things a bit. I'm in a Miss Read group on facebook and they've started a monthly Miss Read-a-long... we've started this month, right from the beginning of her series of novels.

Felt massively unsettled for the rest of the evening due to one thing and another. Wine, listening to Queen and chatting online with friends helped a lot though :-)


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