Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Going off at Pogonowskis

I have only just discovered that Pogonowskis (referred to in the morning surf reports every day) is a particular place between Merewether beach and Dixon Park beach.  It was named after a Mr Pogonowski.  I thought he had a shop there, he was a printmaker, but I have just read he was attacked by a shark there.  I need to do a bit more investigating.

Surfest Pro International starts on Monday and the trials are on Sunday.  As always at this time, the sea is full of surfers who are interested in making the most out of any wave rather than going out for a chat with the mates and catching up on the gossip.  By that I mean that the regulars wait until they think it is the perfect wave - this can take 20 or 30 minutes and so it is useful to have your mate out there with you so you can catch up on quality bloke time.  The pros would catch every wave they can and could do a great cut back in a kiddies pool with a moderate ripple. 

Anyway I digress - because it is International Womens Day today (I long for when women don't need an International day) it is a woman only surfer blip collection.

You know me and how I like to catch surfer expressions, the first extra is a beauty I think, the second extra just smiled and smiled and obviously was having a great time and the last extra simply because I am most impressed at the mechanics of her bikini which obviously can withstand the riggers of surfing.

Hooray it's Friday.  A busy weekend as always.  I wish you all a good one too.

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