By Artyfartyannie

White Chocolate Anyone ?

well me for a start but it doesn't really fit in to the 800 calorie diet that I can't seem to do on a daily basis ???? Didn't have any of this but we were invited for lunch with friends and it was officially going to be a "light lunch".....................Well if that was a light lunch I would love to be going to a big dinner party at theirs.............. It was delicious. How could you refuse the apple and blackberry crumble with full custard and cream. Well I couldn't !!!
I did manage to refuse the small sausage roll that she offered with the coffee.........Suppose that is something not going on to my body !!!!
It was a very much fun catch up and when they come to our place we will either have to move house or build a huge extention !!!!! and have Brabinger doing all the serving.........Well that will be himself. 

After we tried to catch a garden outlet to buy a particular Acer but unfortunately it had just closed so we went to Dobbies. What a huge place !!! I found the picture in the extension to Dobbies....... that shop called Lakeland, a shop where there are 1000s of things that you really don't need but want to have. I found this cake there. This is so yummy looking and I will put this forward for Flower Friday which is taking a risk, as Mr AF chose my last shot for flower Friday which proved to be a winner. He is in bed now so I will add as an extra the one that I didn't choose but maybe wished that I had !

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