A Foggy Day...

...in Bradford Town

I'll leave it at that - Fred Astaire I am not!

What a morning! Our corner of the world turned into a skating rink! I thought it might be a bit slippy so I gently put a foot to the doorstep and came very close to losing it!

I thought it was bad a couple of weeks ago trying to get home after blipping my 500th, but this was crazy. It was impossible to stand up. I've got shoe spikes so I put them on and found my neighbour halfway up the cul-de-sac unable to go up or down. As I helped him to his feet he started to slide back down the road!

We got to the train station and I went for a wander round Little Germany hoping for some foggy scenes (like this). Across the street I found a poor bloke with a daughter in tears, neither of them able to stand. Every time they tried they just collapsed in a heap. I trotted over (you can't fall over in these spikes - it's impossible) and helped them up, getting them to a better path.

The office was decimated till well after 9am when people managed to eventually get to work.

And then the rain came and it thrashed it down! Was glad I got a blip this morning as it's still horrible out there!

Yesterday's Frosty Snail.... it was just a shell - no snail lived there :o)

Have a great weekend Blippers :o) I guess I need to start thinking about Christmas Shopping...

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