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By madwill

Swinging Catkins

A busy morning - we met up with our son and our daughter and her family at Castleford for coffee. Whilst there, one of our daughter’s friends and her daughter came in - so we occupied a large corner of Starbucks. A boatful of coffee and cakes (and 2 1/2 hours) later we left and had wander around the shops..

It was bitterly cold walking outside, with very strong winds and the occasional shower.

We drove home in another downpour - and there was more late afternoon. I did, however, manage to get out during a break in the weather - taking the dogs out in two shifts (it’s too much to take all three at once).

The setting sun was shining through these catkins - and I took several shots, I quite liked this one with them swinging in the gale! Got in just before the heavens opened again.

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