By Janashields


The pots on the patio were covered in snow when I was wandering around at 4 am but there was no sign when we eventually got up-just a big flood.  Very changeable weather-gales at times, hail storms, rain and then beautiful sunshine but very cold.  Last week the robins were gathering nesting material but today this one sat on top of the bird table wanting more food.  Very brief visit from a pair of Bullfinches which was lovely.  The morning was spent cooking-soup for my tea tomorrow and a Roast Dinner for today.  The girls spent the morning working-Caitlin as usual is snowed under with work and very stressed, Eli doesn't seem to have too much work.  The 4 of us played cards this afternoon after Gill had left for the hospital.  Back to the station then-so very hard saying goodbye to the girls.  A wallow in the bath for me and trip back to the hospital for Paul.  

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