Look what I found.......

This morning I decided to have a tidy up and a bit of a therapeutic clearing out.  As usual I got waylaid by things I'd forgotten about, things I enjoyed looking back on and this pair of sheepskin slippers I bought sometime last year.  They were an "impulse" buy and after I got them home I remember thinking they would probably be too warm and so they were put at the back of the wardrobe in the spare room. Well as it's rather chilly today when I found them I put them straight on and they feel great -  so warm and comfortable and just the thing for the cold weather that we're experiencing at the moment.  Apart from a couple of pairs of shoes the clear out didn't happen but finding the slippers was a real bonus.

Thank you for the response to yesterday's blip, the lovely comments, Hrts and stars are very much appreciated.

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