Church Tower

Today our replacement bread machine arrived. The old one was given to a friend who had a working pan but dead machine. Once the machine arrived we went to Salisbury on the train with the in-laws - it's just 33 minutes from the station in the village. We went up in pretty light, but once we arrived it clouded over and tried to rain on us!

We had a look round a number of shops, the Christmas market and the regular market. Everywhere was heaving with people and once it started to rain (pour actually) you couldn't get a seat in any eatery anywhere! We eventually found a small tea shop with spaces that did sandwiches as well and we had tea and some nice toasted sandwiches. As we left I took today's blip which is the back of a church tower - not sure which one it is but the map location will be right if someone wishes to enlighten me.

Now it's time for pizza, and later on the final of The Killing III.

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