Brewing in Bournemouth

I’ll forgive you for being silly enough to think these are all for ME. Well, sorry to delude you, I have never liked beer, ale, lager etc. Whereas my taste for olives and capers has changed, I love them now - but not the aforementioned.

Ah but a dry cider (Aspall) that’s another matter :). Whats more, joy of joys, it’s vegan!

This array of glasses confronted us in the Brewhouse & Kitchen, who brew in-house. They were laid out for a potential buyer (from a local pub perhaps) to sample their wares. I mentioned my fondness for Aspall draught cider, and they said they were considering brewing ciders and could achieve something similar to my preferred brand. So I wait with baited breath.

The company was founded in 2011 and has 17 pubs/microbreweries with 3 in our area. So a very successful rags to riches story!

Apart from the beer, another stormy day has been brewing outside. Once this is posted, time for a walk along the cliff-top, if we can avoid being blown away.

Thanks for hosting Silly Saturday Admirer - all the way from la Bella Venezia. Mille Grazie

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