By Veronica

Farewell to paradise

Last view of the garden as we left: 10 am and the promise of another glorious day.. We had a trouble-free 6-hour drive to the outskirts of Valencia..

 I had attempted a month ago to book the Aparthotel studio we stayed in on our way down, but to my surprise it was fully booked. It was only yesterday that I realised it's the last weekend of Las Fallas -- an event I think of as happening in February. So the three of us ended up in a poky room in the Travelodge near the airport, where we spent the evening sprawled on the bed picnicking on leftovers. Mystère refused to eat anything except salchichon and award-winning cheese. He did sleep quietly on the bed all night though, so that was a blessing.

Increased verbosity thanks to my replacement tablet being delivered!

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