By davesfotos

Giant bug hotel and another job done !

Dry sunny weather this morning so it was great to be back in the garden.
First job was to get the ladder out to inspect the roof of the dove aviary.
During strong winds it's been making a lot of noise as it's a metal roof.
I found the offending pieces and drilled holes and wired them together which should fix the problem.
Next off to the wood where I found an old metal offcut piece of roof.
I cleaned it up with soap and water and rubbed it over before spraying it with green paint.
I'd decided that a recent log pile from Brunos work would be left as a bug and insect home and the new roof will help keep it dry.
This was also secured down with garden wire so it won't blow off.
At 11.30 back indoors to prepare Apple compote and a welcome coffee.
The afternoon won't be boring lots to do and keep busy.
Thanks for stopping by its appreciated and I hope you have a good day too.

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